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We have a range of information that you can use to help build that business case to justify the budget.

If you know that adding content onto your bank website is a good idea, but are still some time away from deciding who, where, how much and when, that’s ok.

Please fill in the form below, and we will send you our Content Marketing PowerPoint. Use as a resource as evidence that content will drive small business leads. We will also contact you with a link to our demo content site, allowing you to see all our content in action.

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Top 3 reasons why you should use our content

Number 1 is that banks use our solutions to improve lead generation. Great content drives online traffic.

Number 2 is to build ‘points of contact’, where you’re creating reasons to make contact and talk to your customers (either online or in person).

Number 3 is customer retention; keeping existing customers happy and knowledgeable about your products and solutions.

Our small business content will drive online traffic, nurture leads, encourage small businesses to visit a branch, talk to their bank manager, click on product information, register for a download, sign up for your e‑newsletter, join your LinkedIn group, or learn about benefits of your bank.

And we can prove it will generate a return on your investment.

Since we altered our lead capture strategy and added TSBC content to our site, small business section visits are up 189% and lead form submissions are up 228%.

Testimonial Daryle Seidman, TD Bank USA
Daryle Seidman, TD Bank USA